Mission of the Faculty of Dentistry

Mission of the Faculty of Dentistry

Mission of the Faculty of Dentistry

We educate for development. The Faculty of Dentistry is one of the most dynamic and energetic in the Euroregion. Through the quality of our educational and research programmes we are at the forefront of Euroregional empowerment projects.  


Educational mission

  • Acquire during training an adequate knowledge of the fundamental sciences on which dental medicine is based;
  • Acquire during training an adequate knowledge of the structures, functions and behaviour of healthy and diseased human being and the relationship between the state of health and the physical and social environment as they relate to dentistry;
  • Acquire during training a comprehensive knowledge of the structures and functions of teeth and other components of the dento-maxillary apparatus and their interrelationship with the general state of health and physical and mental well-being of the patient;
  • Knowledge and deepening of knowledge about the specific pathology of the dento-maxillary apparatus, about the interrelation between the pathology of the dento-maxillary apparatus and systemic diseases;
  • Acquire theoretical knowledge about treatment methods that can be applied in the pathology of the dento-maxillary apparatus;
  • Acquire knowledge on the management of patients with oro-dental diseases, dental practice management, bioethics and ethics in dentistry;
  • Acquire practical skills for the therapeutic manoeuvres necessary for the execution of specialist treatments according to the competences of the dental graduate;
  • Acquire communication skills in order to collaborate with the patient and work as a team with the practice staff.
  • Acquire skills in the effective use of information resources and communication and assisted training resources (internet portals, databases, online courses).


Scientific research mission

  • Involvement of the teams from the specialist disciplines (teachers, dental technicians, students) in research activities and publication of results in specialist journals;
  • Participation of teachers, dental technicians and students in congresses, scientific events, workshops, organised on specific issues.


Dental nursing mission

  • Providing specialist services through the faculty clinics: in order to facilitate patient access to these services and to attract financial funds, the Medical Centre Association of the UMF of Craiova was created within the university.


Postgraduate training mission

  • Within the faculty, postgraduate courses have been organized, training of residents in various specialties is carried out: dental prosthetics, endodontics, periodontology, orthodontics, dento-alveolar surgery, maxillo-facial surgery.
  • The faculty runs a master's program for F.M.D. graduates. Craiova and dental technique: prosthetic restorations with implant support (RPSI).
  • The Faculty's congresses have been accredited by the College of Dentists (CMD) and are thus classified as forms of continuing medical education.
  • The Faculty of Dentistry of Craiova fulfils several missions, the primary ones being teaching and scientific research. These are in line with the mission of U.M.F. of Craiova and contain elements of specificity and opportunity in accordance with the national framework of qualifications.
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