Accommodation in the student dormitories of UMF Craiova

Accommodation in the student dormitories of UMF Craiova

The student dormitories are renovated and sanitized annually so that all places have good conditions for accommodation, students and residents benefit from spaces with new furniture, new linens, 24-hour hot water, vertical blinds, insulation, PVC windows with double glazing, TVs and refrigerators.

In Dormitory No.2 there are reading rooms and 4 offices with kitchens equipped with new furniture and electric cookers.

The rent is between 150 lei and 380 lei, depending on the student's financial status (budget, fee) and the dormitory where he/she is accommodated (Dormitory No. 1 has 104 rooms with 2 students in a room, Dormitory No. 2 has 144 rooms with 4 students in a room, Dormitory No. 3 has 90 rooms, of which 28 are single rooms with 2 beds in a room).

Automatic washing machines have been installed on several floors for the personal use of the students, and the laundry of the unit (for the Canteen and linen) is still in operation.  The level of security has been increased on the university campus by redesigning the entrance hall, installing video surveillance cameras and controlling access to the campus through a barrier system and electric gate.

All rooms are connected to INTERNET and are equipped with Cable TV.

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