UMF Craiova Library

UMF Craiova Library


Founded in 1970 as the library of the Faculty of Medicine, it had functioned as a faculty library, within the Library of Central University, Craiova, until 1998. In1998, it became an academic library, by the establishment of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Craiova (June 9th 1998).

During its evolution, from a traditional to a modern library, from a faculty to an academic library, the Library of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Craiova has been diversifying its collections, thus becoming a multidisciplinary structure, with a preponderance of the biomedical and pharmaceutical domains.

The library's objective is to acquire, organize and provide access to a great variety of information, materials and services that come to meet the intellectual needs of all categories of users.

There have been settled the departments of collections record and development, of cataloguing, decimal classification and intern and international interlibrary exchange, while the collections development is pursued in accordance to curricula, study and research programs, by acquisitions out of the UMF budget, donations or interlibrary exchange.

Starting from 1999 and up to 2003, there should be noticed the increase of the amount of specialized staff, up to 11 librarians and a secretary, the reorganization of intern flows of users, by introducing the library pass, the organization of catalogues system for tracing information and also the increase in the technical support (cables, equipment) at the level of the informational requirements and the establishment of Internet connections for library computerization.

In 2003 it was reorganized in a new place on May 1st Avenue, No. 68, thus becoming an information-documentary structure that supports, by its collections and services, the study continuity and scientific research activity in the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Craiova. Starting from 2003, the library has functioned in a new center, a modern informational and communicational space. In this context, the Library of UMF, Craiova entered an important process of services modernization and diversification, of the computerized system, by installing the server and 24 PC work stations for users and by acknowledgement of the computerized potential of new technologies, by the organization of the MULTIMEDIA-INTERNET hall, with 12 computers and 14 study seats in the new center. There have been organized rooms for individual study and reading halls with direct access to publications � monographies and periodicals.


The process of services modernization and diversification is a continuous one by assuring a space designed for home borrow of documents on a long term, a space for storage and preservation of the documentary patrimony of the library and a new hall with INTERNET access, equipped with 8 PCs and 28 seats for study and reading. Supporting the research activity by documentary materials, electronic data bases (free access to electronic data bases like: Oxford University Press, EBSCO Data Bases, Science Direct, Springer, Ovid, Hinari).





No. 68 May1st Avenue, Craiova 200638

Head of Service: Alina Croitoru

Tel: +40 251 533-736, +40 251 524-441,2 int. 6246, 6266


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