Payroll Department

Payroll Department

The Payroll Compatiment has the following tasks:

a) Drawing up salary statements on the basis of the collective attendance sheets received from departments, departments and services;

b) Calculating and paying sick leave, pregnancy and maternity leave and rest leave;

c) Drawing up pay slips for associate teachers and consultant teachers, based on the monthly pension statement;

d) Receiving, checking and calculating the aggregate and hourly pay slips in accordance with the rates, function and seniority of teachers and associate teachers;

e) Collaboration with the bank for the creation of debit cards for UMF employees, according to the law and communication to the bank of the statements containing the salary rights to be transferred to the cards;

f) Drawing up income statements on request;

g) Centralising the transfers of the employee and the employer;

h) Submission of the monthly declaration of the contribution to the social security fund for employees of the UMF to the County Pension Office;

i) Preparation of the monthly statements to the social health insurance funds and the Employment Agency in accordance with their rules and on the dates established by law.

j) Preparation of monthly statistical statements to the County Statistical Office, on the dates established by law.

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