Financial Accounting Office

Financial Accounting Office

The Financial-Accounting Office is composed of :

Financial Office

Ø  teaching activity

Ø dormitories&canteen activity

Ø tuition fees

Ø economic activity

Ø cashier

Accounting Office

Ø material management


The Financial-Accounting Office is headed by the Head of Service, who reports to the Economic Director. In addition, each office within the Finance and Accounting Office is headed by a Head of Office reporting to the Head of Office and the Director of the Finance and Accounting Department.


The financial activity mainly involves:

Ø Preparation of the forecast of cash payments and withdrawals from the State Treasury.

Ø Ensures that cash receipts and payments are made through both the Treasury and the University cashier's office for all sources of funding based on supporting documents;

Ø Issues payment orders, based on the documents presented, after verifying the legality of the payment and its compliance with the approved budget commitments;

Ø Receives and verifies the account statements from the Treasury and banks, ensures the correctness of the amounts in these statements;

Ø Liaises with the Treasury and the banks with which accounts are opened;

Ø Keeps track of the receipts used in the University;

Ø Is responsible for the knowledge and application of legislation specific to the field of activity of the office;

Ø Draws up daily cash registers in lei and foreign currency;

Ø   Ensures the archiving of documents for the Finance and Accounting Department;

Ø Keeps track of correspondence documents for the Finance and Accounting Department;

Ø Monthly accounting of staff expenditure for all activities, based on the centralised payroll statements and summary statements drawn up by the Human Resources Department;

Ø Draws up the monthly trial balance (summary and analytical), quarterly and annual financial statements, annexes and explanatory expenditure reports (headings and paragraphs);

Ø Centralises, checks and transmits the statements for the monthly monitoring of revenue and expenditure;

Ø Compiles the monthly monitoring statement on receipts, payments, staff expenditure, by activity, as well as the situation of pending payments;

Ø   On a quarterly and annual basis, prepares the quarterly or annual financial statements, as appropriate, which include: the balance sheet, the statement of assets and liabilities and the annexes to the balance sheet, as well as the statement of debtors, the statement of creditors, the explanatory report, the submission addresses and explanatory notes in accordance with the application of the provisions of the accounting law and in accordance with the rules of the Ministry of Finance, the conclusion of the annual budget execution in strict compliance with the rules concerning the closure of accounts, the preparation and submission of financial statements specific to public institutions;

Ø Ensures the monthly analysis of debtors, creditors, customers and suppliers account balances and takes measures to settle them;

Ø Takes steps to clarify all balances in the trial balance, explaining their composition;

Ø Keeps track of budget appropriations, budget commitments and legal commitments, i.e. accounts 8060, 8062, 8066 and 8067 by activity and within each activity by items and alienates according to budget classification;

Ø Keeps the accounting records of the operations of the accounts in foreign currency from own revenue;

Ø Tracks tuition fee debtors and liaises with the faculty secretariats on a permanent basis with a view to their collection;

Ø Keeps track of the creditors of tuition fees, scholarships, guarantees and unpaid salary entitlements;

Ø Compiles the statements requested by the university management.


Ø It ensures the chronological and systematic recording, processing and storage of information on the assets and liabilities situation and the results obtained, both for its own needs and in relations with banks and tax authorities;

Ø Ensures the control of the asset operations carried out and the processing procedures used, as well as the accuracy of the accounting data provided;

Ø Keeps analytical and summary records of the inputs and outputs of materials, inventories and fixed assets for all activities;

Ø Is responsible for compliance with the Chart of Accounts, the models of registers and common forms for accounting activities and the methodological rules issued by the Ministry of Finance for their preparation and use;

Ø Complies with the rules issued by the Ministry of Finance on the preparation and use of supporting and accounting documents for all asset operations and their recording in the accounts during the period to which they refer;

Ø Collaborates with the Technical and Property Office in the inventory of assets;

Ø Carries out the inventory reconciliation and uses the inventory results on the basis of the inventory lists received from the asset inventory committees, in accordance with the specific legislation;

Ø Forwards, receives and processes the balance confirmations at the inventory count and takes all measures to avoid the lapse of amounts to be collected;

Ø Compiles the journals required by the Accounting Act: Journal Register, Inventory Register and Ledger;

Ø Keeps analytical and synthetic records for the inputs and outputs of materials, inventory items, fixed assets for all sources of financing;



The executive staff, in achieving the objectives corresponding to the office of which they form part, respects and applies the economic and financial legislation in force and carries out the tasks set out in the job description.

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