Novel diagnostic protocols and methods are nowdays of upmost importance in the medical field. Differentiating between different types of hepatic and pancreatic tumors is extremely relevant, as hepatoceullar carcinoma and pancreatic carcinoma are some of the most aggresive cancer.
The He-Pa-Library project proposal tries to introduce a new revolutionary and interactive medical procedure with the help of a new high fidelity 3D model tissue reproduction for training, diagnosis and preoperative assessment of liver and pancreatic lesions. Combining Elastography information with three-dimensional images based on CT and MRI scanning and transposing them through a 3D printer into a high fidelity hand-on object will open new pathways. Medical students, physicians and nonetheless patients will benefit most of our project proposal. Reproducing real-life situations, by building 3D objects similar in position, shape, firmness will have a great impact on future medicine as new models for trainees will be developed, surgical live comparing will be possible rather than building a mental picture and patients will have the possibility to comprehend more easily what option treatment is available. HH-PA-Library brings together a complex team formed by gastroenterologists, imagists and plastic surgeons who will provide a new learning, diagnostic and treatment protocol in assessment of liver and pancreatic tumors.