Erasmus+ Program


ERASMUS+ Program KA 103 Mobilities between program countries 

Erasmus+ Incoming Students

Erasmus incoming students are admitted based on their nomination by the home university, according to prior agreement.
Requirements for acceptance:
- registration in a higher education accredited institution from an EU country;
- existance of a bilateral agreement bet
ween the home university and the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Craiova within the LLP Erasmus program; 
- nomination by the home institution.
To check the existence of a bilateral agreement with the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova and to learn more about the procedure to be followed in order to be selected, please contact the Office of International Relations at the university to which you are enrolled.
Incoming students will not be accepted without an official document issued by the home university stating their nomination for study mobility. 

Once nominated to participate in a study mobility at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova,  please contact the International Office to obtain pre-registration forms, ECTS guide of the faculty and other useful information for staying in Craiova.




June 30th, if the mobility will be in the winter semester
- October 31st, if the mobility will be during the spring semester. 


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The courses offered by each college are described in each faculty's website.
Faculty of Medicine:
Faculty of Pharmacy:
Faculty of Midwives and Medical Assistance:
Based on that information, the departmental coordinator of the home faculty will decide the study program that will be followed during the training period at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova. The program will be established according to ECTS procedures so that to allow the accumulation of a number of credits equal to the one stated for the period by the home university.
The agreement on the study program leads to closure of a  Learning Agreement signed by the student,home and destination institution.

ECTS Grading System



The University of Medicine and Pharmacy offers accomodation for international students in its campus.


About Craiova

Craiova is, with about 300 000 inhabitants, the most important urban and administrative center of the district of Dolj, in the region of Oltenia. The city is one of the biggest and oldest university centers of the country, and one of the most important cultural centers. Many edifices have been testifying it. Among them, the National Theatre, which is now well known all over the world, was set up in 1852. Also, the libraries of Craiova are important elements of the cultural life of the town. The first public library of Craiova was set up in 1840. Even if there had been many art antiquaries in Craiova, the first museum was set up in 1908. Today, many art, history, archeology, ethnography, natural sciences exhibitions, etc. liven up the museum.



The taxi in Craiova is cheap with 1.4 Lei / km.


Public transportation

One journey ticket costs 2.50 Lei and a student monthly pass 25 Lei (5.5€). The transports run from 5:30 to 21:30 (



Spitalul Clinic Judeţean de Urgenţă

Str. Tabaci nr. 1

200 642 Craiova