Romanian teaching modules

Romanian teaching modules

Admission 2023-2024

Romanian teaching modules based on file examination

(only for NON-EU citizens)


Study programmes - on own expense

Faculty of Medicine:

- Medicine (sector regulated, 360 credits - duration of studies 6 years)

Faculty of Dentistry:

- Dentistry (sector regulated, 360 credits - duration of studies 6 years)

- Dental Technique (general regulated, 180 credits - duration of studies 3 years)

Faculty of Pharmacy:

- Pharmacy (sector regulated, 300 credits - duration of studies 5 years)

Faculty of Midwifery and Nursing:

- General Nursing (sector regulated, 240 credits - duration of studies 4 years)

- Balneophysiokinesitherapy and Recovery (general regulated, 180 credits - duration of studies 3 years)

- Radiology and Imaging (general regulated, 180 credits - duration of studies 3 years)


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  3. Results
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      The methodology of admission to studies of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova is developed in compliance with:

·         The stipulations of the National Education Law no. 1/2011

·         OMEC 4205/2020

·         OMEN 3473/17.03.2017

·         OMEC 4241/2020

·         OMEC 4151/24.04.2020 – amendment of OMEN 3473/2017



Programme of study

Study duration

No. of credits


Places available



Romanian language section

6 years


6000 Euro



Dental Medicine

Romanian language section

6 years


6000 Euro




 Romanian language section

5 years


6000 Euro



General Medical Assistance Romanian language section

4 years


6000 Euro



Radiology and Imaging Romanian language section

3 years


6000 Euro



Dental technology

Romanian language section

3 years


6000 Euro



Balneophysiokinetotherapy Romanian language section

3 years


6000 Euro



     *The tuition fees may suffer changes during the study years with the approval of the Senate of UMF Craiova.

     The enrolment of foreign citizens (from non-EU countries) to study programs in Romanian language is only on a fee-paying basis, on own expense. The admission is based on the selection of applications, but the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova reserves it's own right, depending on the number of candidates, to organize an examination of general knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, in accordance with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health regarding the constraints generated by the epidemiological context at the time of the examination itself.

    Foreign citizens are persons who have the nationality of a non-EU country, as certified by a valid passport.


   For citizens who are members of the European Union, of the states belonging to the European Economic Area and of the Swiss Confederation, admission to undergraduate university studies, Romanian language programmes, is carried out under the same conditions as for Romanian citizens (admission based on examination).

    Admission to undergraduate studies may be organized in one or two sessions before the start of the academic year.


Eligibility conditions


    Citizens from non-EU countries who meet the following conditions are eligible for admission to the national higher education system in Romania:

a) they have documents proving their nationality and apply for enrolment to studies in Romania on their own expense;

b) they graduated and obtained a high school diploma or its equivalent, according to the list of accepted diplomas provided by OMEC no. 4151 of 24.04.2020;

c) they graduated the Romanian language preparatory year and obtained a diploma/certificate. The following categories are exempted from the requirement to submit the diploma/certificate of graduation of the preparatory year of Romanian language:

- Who submit Romanian educational documents (diplomas and certificates) or educational documents, school transcripts attesting at least 4 consecutive years of studies in Romanian language in a educational system in Romania;

- Who submit certificates of language proficiency of minimum level B1, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, issued by Romanian accredited higher education institutions that organize a preparatory year of Romanian language for foreign citizens, by Romanian language, literature, culture and civilization departments in foreign universities / Romanian Language Institute or Romanian Cultural Institute.

d) have submitted their application within the deadline established by this methodology.


Application steps


!If you want to apply to more than one programme of study, it is mandatory to create different accounts for each one using different email addresses!


1. All candidates will access the admission platform of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova, fill in the required fields and upload the documents as follows:

- all documents must be scanned in PDF format - the document name must contain the type of document and the applicant's surname (passport.Smith, transcript.Smith);

- the original documents as well as the translations/certified copies must be scanned into a single PDF document and uploaded in the appropriate section;

- it is mandatory that the candidate uses his/her personal e-mail address containing his/her full name;

Important! This e-mail address will be used to create the candidate's student account if he/she is declared admitted.


2. The files submitted online by candidates will be processed by the International Relations Office. If the file is:

     - complete, the candidate will receive a validation notification via the platform;

     - incomplete, the candidate will receive a correction notification via the platform. The candidate is required to upload the missing documents and/or correct the inaccurate information.

   Candidates have the obligation to check the status of their file by accessing their personal account on the online platform.

All the submitted files will be processed and receive a registration code but only the complete ones will be declared eligible.




The REGISTRATION fee will only be paid online, on the addmission platform, as part of the registration process.

After filling in the personal data and uploading the required documents, the candidate will be able to pay the registration fee on the platform. Once the payment is processed, the file will be automatically sent to the university.

The processing fee for the submitted file  is 200 euros and it is non-refundable.

   For candidates who submit a diploma/certificate of graduation of the preparatory year in Romania or a high school diploma obtained in Romania, the file processing fee will be 100 euros.


3. After the publication of the preliminary list on the website, the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova will send the candidates' files to the Ministry of Education - Directorate General for International Relations and European Affairs for obtaining the letters of acceptance. When the acceptance to study is confirmed, in approximately 30 working days, the method of sending the acceptance letter will be decided by mutual agreement.

   Take into consideration that the enrollment will be possible only if the candidate’s studies will be recognized by the Ministry of Education.

   All the eligible candidates on the preliminary list must submit the Confirmation or Declining Statement  by 8 August 2023 to the following e-mail address:

4. After receiving the acceptance letter issued by the Ministry of Education, the admitted candidates will personally submit the file with all the documents uploaded on the online platform to the International Relations Office (Petru Rareș Street nr. 2, Craiova, Romania) and also:

- the original high school diploma or equivalent (in this case is mandatory to submit a notary statement, in Romanian language, specifying the date of submission of the original high school diploma);

- the receipt for the enrolment fee (150 RON) - can be paid to the Financial Department at 1 Mai Street, no 68, Craiova;

- the receipt for the tuition fee payment containing the full name and programme of study of the candidate - (non-EU citizens who need to obtain a study visa must pay the full tuition fee).

    - 4 recent photos (2,5 x 3,5 cm)


   The International Relations Office will check the submitted files and if they contain all the documents mentioned above, candidates will be able to sign the study contract.





Mandatory documents for admission process:


1. Application for the issuance of letter of acceptance to studies (filled, dated and signed, with photo attached) – 1 colored scanned original;

2. Europass CV- is mandatory to include your personal mail and phone number;

3. University Application Essay – in Romanian language - maximum 400 words (dated and signed);

4. Documents that certify Romanian language proficiency – 1 colored scanned original:    

- diploma/certificate of graduation of the preparatory year of Romanian language;

- certificate of proficiency in Romanian language, minimum level B1, issued by an accredited institution;

- other documents proving the graduation of at least four years of studies in Romania in an accredited institution in Romanian language;

5. High School Diploma or the equivalent1 colored scanned original 1 translation in Romanian (certified as authentic by a notary);

  If you submit the equivalent issued by the high school institution, it has to specify the average grade of the Final High School examination, the passed subjects, grades and the validity term of the certificate. It is also mandatory to provide a notary statement (translated in English or Romanian) with the term for submitting the high school diploma.

   Depending on the country your High School Diploma is issued it must be authenticated with Hague Apostille or authenticated by:

ü  Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the issuing country;

ü  Embassy/Consular Office of Romania in the issuing country;


  List of countries for which the authentication of study documents is requested


   Important! It might be necessary for you to submit additional documents beside your high school diploma - if you do, please submit in the same PDF also 1 colored scanned original and 1 translation in Romanian (certified as authentic by a notary).

  You can check all the information here: List of accepted High School Diplomas by the Ministry of Education for the enrollment to studies of foreign citizens

   If the name and surname of the candidate mentioned in the study documents (high school diploma, diploma/certificate of Romanian language preparatory year) do not correspond with the name and surname mentioned in the passport, the candidate must present a notary statement certifying that he/she is the legal holder of the above mentioned documents.


6. Transcript of Records for each high school year of study  1 colored scanned original and 1 translation in Romanian (certified as authentic by a notary);

7. Other documents – that can improve your score (e.g. graduation diploma from another university medical or non-medical studies, volunteer certificates medicine related – maximum 2) - 1 translation in Romanian;

8. Birth Certificate – 1 colored scanned original and 1 translation in Romanian (certified as authentic by a notary);

9. Passport 1 colored scanned copy – valid at least six months from 01.10.2023;

10. Document proving residence abroad (passport/ID with address of residence or document obtained from the town hall/prefecture of the town of residence) - 1 colored scanned original and 1 translation in Romanian;

11. Medical certificate attesting that the candidate has no contagious diseases or other physical or mental conditions incompatible with the medical profession - 1 colored scanned original (documents issued in another country must be translated into Romanian language);

12.  4 recent photos (2,5 x 3,5 cm) - only when submitting personally the file.

Residence in Romania during studies


   Non-European citizens must obtain a study visa, issued by the Romanian Embassy in the country of residence. The visa is issued based on the Letter of Acceptance, issued by the Ministry of Education - General Directorate of International Relations and European Affairs and the payment of the tuition fee for one academic year. The study visa is valid 90 days, during which time candidates are required to obtain a residence permit in Romania issued by the Immigration Bureau Dolj (Serviciul pentru Imigrări al judeţului Dolj) - Amaradia Street, no. 32-34, Craiova.

  Apply for study visa as soon as you receive the Letter of Acceptance!


Selection process


I. The analysis of the submitted files will be processed by the Admission Committee in the order in which the applications are received and the preliminary results will be published on 4th of August 2023 on The preliminary results list is not equivalent to the actual enrolment in the first year of studies.

II. The selection of the candidates will be done in decreasing order of the obtained score, according to the selection criteria mentioned below.






Holder of a high school diploma with minimum requirements achieved (from the list of accepted high school diplomas)

30 points x Obtained grade/Maximum grade


Taking at the final exam of high school studies the following subjects: Biology / Physics / Chemistry

5 points x Obtained grade/Maximum grade for each discipline


Maximum 15 points

Graduation diploma from another University:

-         medical studies

-         non – medical studies



10 points

5 points


Maximum 10 points

Evidence of extracurricular activities:

-         proven volunteer activity (Red Cross, professional experience in areas related to medicine, etc.)



2 points  for each action



Maximum 4 points


University Application Essay

maximum 400 words - computer using the Times New Roman font of 12, spaced 1.5 rows - maximum 1 page A4 format




41 points


The essay will be evaluated by the Admission Committee
































International Relations Office

University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova

2 Petru Rareş Street

200349, Craiova, Romania

Tel:      +40 351 443 567




This methodology was approved in the Senate meeting on 16.02.2023.

If other legislative changes will occur, they will be published on the university website.

Updated on 8/4/23, 5:51 PM