Titlul proiectului Structural analysis and functional modulation of perivascular fluid and amyloid Abeta drainage in the brain (143PED)
Director de proiect

Prof. Pirici Nicolae Daniel, MD, PhD

Department of Morphological Sciences, Chair of Scientific Research Methodology, UMF Craiova
Durata proiectului 18 months
Numar contract 143PED/09/01/2017
Autoritate contractanta UEFISCDI
Tip proiect PN-III-CERC-CO-PED-2016
Perioada proiect 09.01.2017 - 30.06.2018
Suma contractata 600.000 RON
With the increasing evidence that amyloid Aβ peptide is cleared out of the brain through perivascular routes, our project aims to shed more light into the morphology of this compartment, as well as to try to therapeutically modulate these pathways.